A great “Black & White Ball” for Kevin and Beverley

What an amazing night!

A few months ago we were booked by Mr B to play at his party on 31 May 2014.



Now we have seen our share of beautiful marquees, but this was something else!

Kevin and Beverley were amazing and they gave us our own room in the house to get changed in, and for the girls to do hair and make up in, and looked after us really kindly with a hot meals and soft drinks.

They booked the Beat Connection 7 piece, so they had the standard back line of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, plus 3 vocalists (2 female singers and 1 male singer) fronting the band.

We started off with a bit of Jackson 5 (I want you back & ABC) and, as Kevin and Beverley assured us would be the case, all the guests promptly got up and started dancing. What a great audience!

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