Spying on Beat Connection…

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On a Wednesday evening last month, I put on my finest disguise (I did actually wear all black) and followed Beat Connection around to see what they really get up to at a gig. You can see my experience in video form here.

In summary, it was a very relaxed affair – the band have quite obviously done this a billion times – nobody dramatically fell off the stage and no nerves were detected!

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The band were hired as the entertainment for the celebratory opening of a wind farm and the event was hosted in the very grand Great Yarmouth town hall with guests and acts flown in from all over the place! Beat Connection was the most local act but everybody from near and far was catered for with delicious lasagne pre-show (including me).

The band had their sound check and refreshments in what was formally a magistrate’s courtroom fit with defendant’s pew and judge’s hammer! There was some time for a quick photoshoot with photographer Julia Holland before their performance which put my camera work to shame sadly (please enjoy comparing mine and Julia’s photos throughout this post).

My fly-on-the-wall experience has taught me that no audience can sit still for ‘tutti-frutti’, bands get fed and performing on stage is completely second nature to Beat Connection!

By Alannah McGovern

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