The lovely Denise Jones’ 60th Birthday Party

Sound Check Time!

Sound Check

Another Saturday, another great event to play at and people to entertain! On 9th August Beat Connection was booked to play at a private birthday party in Briston, Norfolk. The lovely Denise turned 60 the previous Wednesday, and it was party time. We arrived at 4.30pm, as per contract, to be set up and sound checked by 6.30pm, to make sure everything looked tidy for guests arrival at 7 pm. Of course, sound check was rather thorough today because Matt had a new toy (again). Today, he is sporting a new mixing desk, which apparently is 3 times better than the old one (which was already pretty fine!), as well as being 3 times smaller and 3 times lighter. Not only that, but it connects with the iPad, which means Matt is a very happy boy that he can mix from out-front without having to walk back to the desk every time he wants to turn the guitar down (sorry, Al…). Not to mention all the new LED lights…. But that’s another story for another time!

Matt has a new toy....

Matt has a new toy….

Once sound check was over, we were shown to our changing room (Denise, you have a gorgeous house!!), and we were able to sit down and have a meal. A wonderful chap by the name of Jake Weatherhill was providing catering for the day, and oh my word, was his food delicious. His company Florentina is Norfolk based (but can travel all over) and they cater for anything from small private dining for 2 people, all the way to massive weddings and corporate events. If you are looking for a caterer, you must do a tasting with  them! We then got ready to go on stage, and did a great first set. The rock’n’roll medley went down so well, we decided to do a bit more in the second set. We even did a few new songs, I sang “Sing it Back” by Moloko, Mandie sand “Teardrops” by Womack & Womack and Giles sang “Runaway baby” by Bruno mars.


At the end of the night, we checked to see if Denise was happy and we are so glad she had a great birthday party! Yey! Even her daughter Hannah, who is a professional drummer, arranger, producer and all round amazing musician, came to say she really enjoyed the set. Another night, another happy client. Time to pack away and drive home. Only 1 hour away from home today, bonus!

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