The wedding of Emily & Lee Routledge


What can we say?

The wedding of Emily and Lee Routledge was just gorgeous!

Emily had first seen Beat Connection a couple of years back when the band was hired to play at a charity event that she was organising, and when Lee popped the question, she got back in touch to ask us to play at her wedding, and we were delighted to be able to do so.

The wedding reception was at Park Farm Hotel, in Hethersett, and the guests were a great crowd.

Emily and Lee were incredibly kind and they organised for the hotel to let us use one of their empty conference rooms to get changed in (always really useful, especially for myself, with all those tights, make up and hair straighteners to worry about!), and even a hot meal for each member of the band (and I must say, bot does Park Farm Hotel have a great restaurant – it was soooo yummy!).


After getting changed and made up, and having some hot food, we were ready to rock & roll.

Emily & Lee's First Dance

We went on stage about 9pm and played Emily and lee’s first dance (“A thousand years” by Christina Perry) via our PA System, as they wanted to dance to the original version. Then we kicked in with a bit of Stevie Wonder.

Emily & Lee had a couple of requests for us on the night. They were Mustang Sally (a classic!) and Superstition by Stevie Wonder. The dance floor was full pretty much the whole night and we had a great time.


Alex & Giles from Beat Connection

Alex & Giles from Beat Connection

Other songs we played that night were Hard to Handle, Respect, Brown Eyed Girl, I’m a Believer, Sweet Home Alabama, Lady marmalade, Ain’t Nobody, Don’t Stop Believing, Sweet Child of mine, summer of ’69 and many more.

Emily & Lee had also booked our DJ Service and some pretty funky requests were happening. “Rather Be” by the Clean bandits was requested 3 times, as well as Dark Horse by Katie Perry and of course Blurred Lines!!! (Cant have a DJ set this year without a bit of Blurred Lines…

At the wedding, we also met an AMAZING photographer, Luis Holden of . Emily & Lee had booked him for their wedding, and oh my word, what a photographer. The black & white picture above of myself and Giles singing, as well as the one below, were kindly donated by Luis to the band. Look him up. His images are awesome.



Well, that’s about it from us. Emily & Lee seemed very happy at the end of the night and we wish them all the best for their future as husband and wife.

Alex and Beat Connection

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