How can I find out if Beat Connection is available on the day of my event?
You can use the ďCheck AvailabilityĒ facility on this website. Alternatively, you can call us on 01603 461089 and ask us directly!
How do I find out an exact quote for my event?
Please use the ďGet a quoteĒ button on this website. This facility will provide you with an accurate written quote to hire the band based on your event date and location. Or, you can call us on 01603 461089 and speak to us for a more personal touch!
I would like to have some live music for the ceremony / drinks reception / garden
reception / sit down mealÖ Can you help?
Yes, we can! If you are having a sit-down meal or simply a drinks reception and you want some live background music to create an atmosphere, then it makes absolute sense (and probably work out cheaper!) to use the musicians that are already there, instead of hiring a separate outfit.
Beat Connection offers 2 sets of 1 hour sets or 3 sets of live background instrumental music. The line up consists of a trio of piano / trumpet, double bass and guitar. Other line ups can be available on request. The music covered is jazz, pop, ballads and easy listening and it is intended to be backgroundy and unobtrusive.
Should the Beat Connection Daytime Trio not be right for you for whatever reason, we recommend you go to www.thenextstage.co.uk . The Next Stage Entertainment Ltd. have over 600 acts on the books and will definitely be able to help you. You can also contact them on 01603 495290.
What happens when the band are on their break?
We know what you are worried about when you ask this question. Maybe you think that the band will come off stage and everything will go quiet and dark, and kill the party atmosphere. Please donít worry. Beat Connection are an experienced and professional outfit and they know better than that. They will have worked very hard during the first set to create a party atmosphere and the last thing they want when coming off stage is this atmosphere to die Ė and have to start from scratch on the second set. Beat Connection take great pride in ensuring that appropriate filler music is played from the very moment they come off stage until the very moment they come back from their break. Similarly, they will also ensure music is played before their first set and at the end of the night. As a rule of thumb, Beat Connection can have background music going from about 20 minutes after they start setting up, if you should need them to. Please note these CDís have been pre-mixed and it is therefore not possible to play requests as a DJ would. Should requests be important to you, a separate manned DJ option can be booked.Please see here for more details.
Do you provide a DJ Option?
If the pre-mixed filler CDís are not enough for you, and you would like a DJ to play exactly the music that you want and take requests from you and your guests, booking the Beat Connection DJ sounds like the perfect option for you. And it will be cheaper than outsourcing a separate DJ. The DJ is £395 when booked on its own, but only £180 when booked with the band. Furthermore, you can get this at HALF PRICE (only £90!) if your booking is confirmed within 7 days of enquiry. (Enquiry date is the day you click the ďGet a quoteĒ button and get the written e-mail quote or you call the band on 01603 461089, whichever is the first and earliest point of contact you made with us).
Why does it cost more to have the band arrival 5.00PM or finish time after 1.00am?
Because itís only fair that we pay our people for the amount of hours they are working. If they work 16 hours, they would expect to be paid more than if they worked 7 hours. Wouldnít you?

Let me give you an example: if the musicians arrive at your venue at 5.00 pm and leave at 1.00 am, they will have worked the ďstandardĒ 8 hours. But if they have to arrive at your venue at 11.00 am and finish the show at 2.00 am, this is no longer 8 hours, but 15. The musicians and crewís pay reflects the amount of hours they have worked. Please be assured that Beat Connection will not try and get extra money out of you for the sake of half and hour here and there, but if you, as many clients do, want the band set up and sound checked in the morning because you donít want to see any equipment being moved during the day or you donít want to hear the drums being sound-checked, then the band will have no option but to charge an early arrival fee.

If you are looking into an early arrival for whatever reason, we would highly recommend you consider the daytime background music option, as they often work out a very similar price. If you are paying extra, you might as well have some extra live music for your money.
So, I have had my quote, but what do I get for my money? What does the quote include
exactly? Are there any hidden costs like travel and / or accommodation?
No, there are no hidden costs. When you hire Beat Connection, the band take care of everything. All the Beat Connection quotes include the following:
  • 7 professional and experienced musicians on stage and a huge repertoire covering anything from jazz to swing, soul, disco, funk, pop, rockíníroll and contemporaryÖ

  • Band arrival at 5.00 pm and a finish time of up to 1.00 am at the latest. Please note: should you need the band to arrive considerably before 5.00 pm and / or finish later than 1.00 am, a separate ďearly arrivalĒ quote will need to be confirmed. Free early arrival is included in all bookings for the ďDaytime background musicĒ option.

  • PA and all Sound Equipment.

  • An experienced sound engineer present at every performance, so you know that the sound for your event is always in great hands.

  • All lighting (and any lighting effects, smoke machines, etcÖ, venue permitting). (Please note the band always lights up the stage but is not responsible for providing your dance-floor lighting).

  • Filler party music played through the bandís sound system, before the performance, in between sets and until the end of the night, and at any time when the band is not playing. (Please note the ďFiller MusicĒ option does not allow for requests. Should the ability to request songs on the night be important to you, why not book the Beat Connection DJ option? See question 5 for more info on this).

  • Your first dance played live by the band.

  • Full Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5,000,000.

Optional EXTRAS are:
  • The Beat Connection live horn section.
    Price: Quote on application.
    An amazing 3 piece horn section made up of saxophone, trumpet and trombone to add depth to the sound and sexiness to the look of the band!

  • The Beat Connection DJ.
    Price: Normally £395, but only £180 when booked with the band, or £90 if you book both the band AND the DJ within 7 days of your enquiry.
    He will warm up your guests before the band goes on, play great classics and take requests in between band breaks and into the early hours of the morning.

  • Personalised mixed CDís.
    Price: £60 per 1 hourís worth of music (you can just have one hourís worth of your absolute favourites, then let the band take over with the standard filler CDís).
    If you donít quite want to splash out £180 on the DJ option, and you want to know exactly what songs are going to be played in between band breaks, then you can get the Beat Connection DJ to professionally mix CDís for you to be played on the night, without the DJ actually needing to be there! Simply tell us what songs you want on the CD, and we will ensure they are mixed in a professional way, with no gaps in between songs for you to enjoy on the night!
Can Beat Connection play outside?
Outside is fine as long as the performance area is level, safe, stable, covered and not exposed to the elements. However, just playing in a garden with nothing over our heads is a big health and safety no-no.
Can we give you our own CDís to be played on the night in between sets?
Yes, just let us know in advance!
So, what makes Beat Connection different from other bands?
  • Permanent Line-up.
    The band is run on a permanent line-up basis, as opposed to the way many other bands run, by hiring out different musicians on a gig-by-gig basis. With Beat Connection, you will get the same 7 people on stage at every job. In our opinion, the permanent line-up of these 7 great musicians (and friends who get along like a house on fire!) ensures continuity in the show, a tighter musical end-product, a better and friendlier atmosphere at your event and a better run business from all points of view.

  • Guaranteed no cancellation!
    Even though the band members are here on a permanent basis, we understand that there will be times when, due to illness or personal circumstances, one or more of these musicians may not be able to perform on any due event. This is no big problem as far as Beat Connection is concerned, as they have a team of 3 (or more) understudies per band member, who know the Beat Connection show inside out, have played with the band before, and are rehearsed up and ready to go. So, even if the drummer should have a broken wrist and all the singers should lose their voice on the day of your event, you neednít worry! Cancellation is just not an option when you are dealing with professionals.

  • Huge Repertoire to pick from!
    There are swing bands, there are jazz bands, there are soul bands, there are rock bands, there are pop bandsÖ Beat Connection can cover all of this and more and are always open to new challenges. The versatile line-up of male and female vocals, keyboards, trumpet, guitar, bass and drums ensure that there are almost no songs that the band cannot successfully cover. There are some exceptions of course, as some very up-to-date, heavily produced and heavily sampled songs would be almost impossible for anyone to recreate live, but if you can find another band that does the same justice to Boheamian Rhapsody as Beat Connection do, then let us know!

  • Flexible and have your best interest at heart.
    Beat Connection have been known to play their sets back to back without taking a break, when events have over-run and the venue was very strict on finish time, to ensure that the Client got their moneyís worth of live music!
I am worried that the band will be late or let me down and cancel on me!
That is simply not going to happen.
It hasnít in the past 6 years and it wonít for your event. Beat Connection is a fully professional show, put together by responsible professionals, and, trust us when we say that they allow plenty of time for any journey, allow for any unexpected accidents, extra traffic, fuel stops, etc. If anything, they are going to be early!

And, when it comes to cancelling, Beat Connection have a team of 3 (or more) fully trained understudies per band member, who know the Beat Connection show inside out, have played with the band before, are fully professional, of a high standard, rehearsed up and ready to go. So, even if the drummer should have a broken wrist and all the singers should lose their voice on the day of your event, you neednít worry! Cancellation is just not an option when you are dealing with professionals.
Will the band learn a first dance for my wedding?
Yes, of course.
We believe that your wedding is a very special day and we understand that you have a special song that you and your partner want to dance to. It would be our pleasure to learn that song for you and play it live on the night, provided we have 3 months notice.
Will the band learn any requests for event?
As a rule of thumb, no.
Beat Connection already have a very wide repertoire to choose from and will learn your first dance. Any extra special requests will be considered at the bandís discretion and will require a minimum of 6 months notice.
What do we need to provide the band with on the day of the performance?
At the time of booking, the management will issue you with a Contract and a Band Rider. The contract will specify logistics and all the details you want in writing, whilst the Band Rider will help you ensure that the event is a success. Please understand that Beat Connection are a friendly and flexible bunch of people and having a Rider does not make them ďdivasĒ. The Rider is a professional measure to ensure you know what is required (electrical, parking, backstage requirements etc) to ensure that everyone is happy on the day and no crisis strike out when you find that there are no electricity sockets near the stage area. To see a sample of the Beat Connection Rider, please click here.
Does the band have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, to the value of £5m. To see a copy of the certificate, please click here.
Can we tell the band what songs we want to hear on the night?
By all means you can give the band an indication of what style you want them to concentrate on (ie Swing for the first set, Soul / Funk for the second set), but you will not be able to dictate all of the songs that the band are to play or the order they have to be played in. Of course, if there a few songs in the repertoire that you want to ensure are definitely (or definitely NOT) played, then please do let us know; what we cannot arrange is you designing each and every song of the night in a certain order as the show has been rehearsed to work in a certain way, with a mix of male and female vocals, medleys, and specific songs have been chosen that work best at the beginning / or end of the night. Please understand the musicians will play classics that are tried and tested week in and week out Ė and they need some flexibility to read the audience on the night.
We donít have a special song as such.. Can the band recommend a ďfirst danceĒ?
Recommended first dances that the band will play live are:
  • Youíre Just Too Good to be True (Canít Take my Eyes off of You), (Andy Williams).

  • Nobody does it better (Baby Youíre the Best) Ė James Bond Soundtrack

  • Something about the way you look tonight (Elton John)

  • Songbird (Eva Cassidy)

  • Iíll be there, (Jackson 5).

  • Iíve got you under my skin, (Frank Sinatra).

  • You are so beautiful to me (Joe Cocker)

  • Youíre nobody til somebody loves you (Dean Martin).

  • Everlasting Love, (The Love Affair).

  • You are the sunshine of my life, (Stevie Wonder).
Why is Beat Connection more expensive than your average function band?
Beat Connection is not an average band Ė but a professionally run show. There are many reasons why they are more expensive than other products on the market and here are some of them.
  • They are fully professional.
    This means that you are getting professional musicians, as opposed to people in 9 til 5 jobs that get together on a Saturday night for a gig. These guysí job is to be a musician. During the week, they will be found practicing their instrument, rehearsing as a band, doing the odd bit of private music teaching, gigging, working on the band as a business, then practicing some more. They care that you are a happy and satisfied customer, because they love what they do and thatís also how they pay their mortgage. If you book someone whose loyalty is in their day job, and you are not happy with the band, just ask yourself whether or not they would they care that you donít book them again or donít give them a reference. It was only a bit of fun for them anyway! Beat Connection will be on time (if not early!), will not drink alcohol at your event, will be extremely polite and courteous to you and your guests, will arrive smartly dressed and will conduct themselves with total professionalism. Mixing this level of modesty and professionalism with a rocking performance on stage is what makes this band so different.

  • They are experienced and know what makes a client happy.
    Beat Connection started back in 2002 (under the name of ďSo Excited!Ē) and has been playing at an average of 53 events per year. Thatís a lot of playing and a lot of happy clients. But donít take our word for it, have a look at the Past Clients page of this website and see for yourself what past Clients thought of the band.

  • All of their instruments and equipment are of professional standard.
    This is really important and it can make or break your night. You have been there, havenít you? You went to see a live band, and they were actually really good, but their performance was spoilt by sub-standard equipment. The musicianship of a band can be great, the choice of songs spot on and they might save you a few pounds, but the poor sound quality, crackling leads or the humming of the speakers just ruins it for everyone. Beat Connection use only top of the range sound equipment and instruments. The trumpet playerís trumpet alone cost him more than it would cost you to hire out the whole show!

  • They have never cancelled a job, and there is no way they ever will!
    Beat Connection takes your event very seriously. Cancelling a job is not an option. Beat Connection have gone out of their way to ensure that each member of the band has more than one fully-rehearsed up ďunderstudyĒ who is capable of standing in and delivering a flawless performance at very short notice.

  • Their set up looks tidy.
    Beat Connection pride themselves on their attention to detail when setting up the stage. No cables on the floor, no amps stood on chairs, no sheets of paper everywhere. All the singers use wireless microphones and in-ear monitors (which means there are hardly any leads in the first place) and extra care is taken to ensure the stage is clear of any clutter and is atmospherically lit.

  • Their repertoire.
    Their repertoire is extremely wide. Jazz, Swing, RockíníRoll, Themed Events, Pop, R&B, Rock, SoulÖ you name it. Beat Connection play the music that you want to hear and not just their favourite stuff!

  • All the paperwork is in order!
    They have invested in Public Liability Insurance

  • No embarrassing pauses in between songs.
    Have you ever seen a live band that was great, but they kept stopping for what seemed like an eternity and never seemed to know what they were going to play next? Beat Connection believes that time in between songs should be minimal, if there at all! They want to keep your guests dancing and having a great time, not give them a reason to leave the dancefloor. Most of the bandís songs are arranged in a medley format (where songs run into each other and there is no break at all), and when they donít, we ensure we know what songs is next and you won't even have time to re-adjust your tie before theyíre off again!
I see you are based in Norfolk, UK. How far will Beat Connection travel for an event?
Travel is no problem at all.
From Florence to Barcelona, and Guernsey to Aberdeen, via Cornwall and through Sicily, we have done it all.
It doesnít matter where in the world your event is, we can get there and we have the expertise to make it great.
For quotes for events outside the UK, it is best to phone the office on 01603 461089, rather than use the GET A QUOTE Facility on this website.
Find out now if beat connection are still available on the day of your event!
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